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Unforgettable; The Biography of Capt. Thomas J. Flynn
by Alice M. Flynn
Battle of the Bulge Defensive Positioning
Components of the 28th Infantry Division During Battle of the Bulge*

Commanded by Maj. Gen. Norman D. Cota; Gen. George A. Davis, assistant commander 
Composed of the 109th , 110th, and 112th Infantry Regiments
109th and 687th Field Artillery Battalions
103rd Combat Engineer Battalion (road and bridge maintenance, set and clear mine fields, etc)
707th Tank Battalion
630th Tank Destroyer Battalion
447th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion
103rd Medical Battalion 

*Action Report, Col. Daniel B. Strickler 

110th Infantry Regiment's Defensive Positioning Summary
(Refer to map below)

110th Infantry Regiment, Col. Hurley Fuller's command post was in Clervaux; executive officer was Col. Daniel B. Strickler

1st Battalion held the northern section with Col. Donald Paul's command post at Urspelt:
Company A held Heinerscheid.
Company B held Marnach.
Company C was in reserve in Munshausen.
Company D held Grindhausen and three machine-gun crews from 
Company D held Reuler.

2nd Battalion was in reserve:
Companies E, F, G, and H were held behind the lines at Donnange and Wiltz, where they served as the division' only infantry reserve.
General Cota's 28th Infantry Division command post was in Wiltz.

3rd Battalion held the southern section with Maj. Harold Milton's 
command post at Consthum:
Company I held Weiler-les-Putscheid.
Company K held Hosingen (Company K had approximately 160 men, 
twenty of whom were just returning to duty.) Also in the town were 
Company B, 103rd Engineers Battalion (125 men), 2nd and 3rd platoons 
of M Company and twenty men from a Raider unit (organization unknown) 
who had come in for specialized training in scouting and patrolling. Only 
K Company was originally involved in the defensive organization of the 
Company L & M (remaining platoons not at Hosingen) held Holzthum 
(just south of Hosingen).
Companies M and A of the 447th Anti-Aircraft Artillery were in Consthum.

Companies C and L, 110th, were the reserve company for each battalion.
Companies D and M, 110th, were the heavy weapons companies for their 
battalions and each had spread their men and weaponry between the 
strong points of each battalion.

Also operating in the area of the 110th Infantry Regiment:
707th Tank Battalion was at Wilwerwiltz.
630th Tank Destroyer Battalion (57-mm guns) and 447th Anti-Aircraft 
Artillery Battalion had also spread their men and weaponry between the 
strong points of each battalion.

Five Strongpoints Held Along Skyline Drive

The five strongpoints, along main east-west routes, and the Company and Commanders that held them, were as follows in November of 1944, starting from the north and moving south (see map):

A Company held Heinerscheid and Colonel Donald Paul's 1st Battalion command post at Urspelt;
Dasburg-Clervaux-Bastogne route; B Company & a platoon from the 630th Tank Destroyer Battalion held Marnach and Colonel Fuller's 110th command post was in Clervaux;
Ober Eisenbach- Hosingen-Drauffelt route; K Company & two platoons of M Company held Hosingen (M Company was the heavy weapons company for the battalion);
Gemund-Holzthum-Wilwerwiltz route; Company L & M (remaining platoons not at Hosingen) held Holzthum and Major Harold F. Milton's 3rd battalion command post was located in Consthum;
Stolzembourg-Hoscheid-Kautenbach route; I Company held Weiler.

Map Source: http://maps.google.com

Copyright © 2011 by Alice M. Flynn 
Locate the battle.
Hold to the Last Round
by James Dietz
K Company and 103B Engineers, 110th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division, defending Hosingen, Luxembourg, during the Battle of the Bulge, 16-18 December 1944.